Microfinance Enhancement Facility

The MEF was setup in February 2009 as a facility to provide short and medium-term financing to microfinance institutions facing difficulties in securing financing.

Clients stories:

  • Ky Thoy is earning money from rice farming, cheal making, chicken raising and mats and baskets weaving.

    Ky Thoy, artisan, Cambodia
  • Indra Geethanjali is a 35 year old Sri Lankan – After 4 loan cycle with LOMC she expanded her shop and the product range.

    Indra, shop keeper, Sri Lanka
  • Edpyme Alternativa is a dynamically growing microfinance organization in Peru that is working with a network of 10 branches which offer the MFI a solid position in the Microfinance market in the North of Peru.

    Edpyme Alternativa, Peru

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